Restructuring and Corporate Recovery

Sometimes the depth of the balance sheet deficiency in a corporate turnaround requires some form of creditor compromise or creditor payment deferment.

Our restructuring services are designed to provide complete debt advice.

There are broadly 2 types of compromise:

  • Informal, and
  • Formal

Informal compromises

Informal compromises are where a compromised settlement payment or a payment deferment is needed with one (usually dominant) creditor a group (or class) of creditors or all creditors without going through a formal insolvency or rescue procedure under the Insolvency and Companies legislation.

Formal compromises

Formal compromises are where there are “formal” compromises under the Insolvency and Companies legislation. 

Formal compromises are usually required when the balance sheet deficit and working capital requirements are so excessive that it cannot be plugged without a discount to the amount paid to creditors.

Our experience

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