Banks, Asset Based Lenders and General Loan Creditors

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Why you need us

  • TMP is a leading independent business with turnaround and rescue specialists with extensive insolvency expertise and experience whose priority focus is to avoid insolvency – where possible.
  • From time to time some of your loan book will become distressed.

We can help you

  • Re-bank the position (and avoid insolvency).
  • Work out the exposure and ensure security covenants get the worse during the process.
  • Recover the funds.
  • Finance newco (if appropriate)

As leaders in the turnaround finance field we work closely with the leading turnaround equity providers.  This is important as often an injection of equity is crucial to making turnarounds solvent and insolvent work.

When to call us

We like to work as partners with our work introducers – so we are in constant contact with them.

Lenders use us for:

  • Pre-lending reviews
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Independent business reviews
  • Chief restructuring officer roles
  • All formal insolvency and rescue appointments (as licensed insolvency practitioners)

Why TMP?

  • We are a leading independent firm with an excellent track record both large and small deals.
  • TMP’s first focus is to avoid formal insolvency to prevent value collapse.
  • We are one of the few firms of insolvency practitioners who are willing to take chief restructuring officer roles, prior to or through an insolvency.
  • We have considerable experience of all types of recovery procedures and techniques.
    • Pre-pack administrations and insolvencies
    • CVAs and business rescue procedures
    • Raising finance for insolvency buyouts
  • Working with a leading independent firm is often invaluable as we have very limited conflicts.
  • We provide a complete range of services – including access to turnaround finance.
  • We have an extensive range of contacts in this niche sector.  This is very important as it is often crucial to getting deals done - efficiently and effectively.