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Why you need TMP

As professional advisors, from time to time one of your clients will go insolvent.  Sometimes it can happen without you even knowing.

That can be bad news as

  • You (usually) lose your outstanding invoices
  • You can lose your client
  • Then you lose the forward fee income

How can we help you

By working closely with TMP, we can (at no cost to you),

  • Help you maintain your client by keeping its business going, even post insolvency.
  • Assist you to earn (and recover) fees during a turnaround or insolvency process.
  • Provide free annual training in turnaround, rescue and insolvency which will count towards your CPD.

When to call us

The earlier we see your clients the more likely we are – collectively with you – to save your clients business.

So the earlier you call us – the better.

There are clear early warning signs that should alert you (for example):

  • Non-payment of your fees
  • Legal action being taken against your client
    • CCJs
    • Winding up petitions
  • Bank funding pressure
  • Loss of key customers

These are obviously just a few – when it happens call us!  We can help.

Why TMP?

  • We are a leading independent firm with an excellent track record both large and small deals.
  • We are also professional advisors – so we understand the importance of supporting your clients during difficult times.
  • We are independent and acting for your clients, this is important.
    • Some firms may have recurring relationships with banks – meaning they are motivated to recover funds for the bank rather than make your client’s turnaround work.
    • There is not always a conflict, but there are many circumstances where entrepreneurs and directors can feel badly done by, so it’s prudent to guard against this by choosing a leading independent firm.  If a bank is involved, your client is going to need an independent specialist advisor.
    • Restructuring and insolvency often requires taking certain action against a third party – for example litigating against a major listed companies or a bank.  We have often come across cases where a firm cannot take action in an insolvency because they may be taking action against a client or key business relationship.  Therefore, working with a leading independent firm is often invaluable.
  • We provide a complete range of services – including access to turnaround finance.
  • We have an extensive range of contacts in this niche sector.  This is very important as it is often crucial to getting deals done - efficiently and effectively.