Libby Aird-Brown

Libby Aird-BrownResponsibilities:

Head of Restructuring, Management Support Services and Insolvency Litigation



Career Summary:

Libby is a restructuring and insolvency specialist. She is a Certified Fraud Examiner and an appointment-taking Insolvency Practitioner.

Libby is known for her “can do” mentality, practical, strategic and no-nonsense approach. Her speed of delivery and her ability to focus on key drivers and objectives results in providing long term solutions for her clients. These skills have been developed through years of experience in dealing with an extensive range of financially distressed situations and businesses.

Since 1992, Libby has an excellent track record advising on all aspects of financial difficulty, including VC owned, owner managed and mid-market businesses. Libby also provides advice and solutions to financially distressed individuals.

Libby has an in-depth understanding of complex fraud situations and has led several substantial and complex insolvent litigation recovery actions.

Libby is user-friendly, preferring, in the first instance, to establish if a formal insolvency can be avoided using turnaround techniques, including turnaround finance, informal compromises, downsizing, and business sales.