The Rub - Following the Banking Crisis

The parallels between the 1930 Great Depression and our current situation are striking:

  • The sound of the asset price bubble popping,
  • Personal borrowing at very high levels,
  • Bank lending decisions – marked by lack of caution,
  • Questionable monetary policy.

There is no shortage of eternal optimists who believe the slump will be over by the end of this year. Unlike the 1930’s, the government has pledged to support the majority of banks.

With the banking crisis averted – what’s the rub?

History has shown us that the effects of an economic downturn are longer lasting than a blip on the radar. TMP believes the knock on effect of the recession will last for the next few years and include:

  • Unprecedented levels of formal insolvency appointments,
  • Many more distressed investment opportunities,
  • Debt for equity swaps and other corporate restructuring deals,
  • Consensual consolidation,
  • Aggressive competitor acquisition.

Amongst our turnaround clients, regardless of their strength, those that heed our advice and act decisively are more likely to outperform their competitors, withstand the rub, and position themselves well for the future.

TMP’s key and focussed expertise in these services ensures our unrivalled and unique position at the forefront of the turnaround community:

Our team of experienced UK insolvency advisors are on hand to discuss concept and strategy, investments and of course, restructuring and corporate debt management. Make the call to TMP today and change the future.