What Does the Future Hold?

We believe that the economy will stagnate for some years to come, as has been shown to be the case in Japan.

Continued and rising unemployment and a lack of consumer spending all point to an uncertain future.

Interestingly, the FTSE hit a six year low in March this year but has pushed itself back up above the 5,000 point mark.  Despite the reports that the market is improving,  The MacDonald Partnership believes the future is going to be fraught with difficulties for businesses and consumers alike.

With that in mind it is worth considering the general principles of some insolvency procedures.

Broadly these are to:

  • drawn a line in the sand,
  • gain control of the business,
  • negotiate with creditors, and
  • allow the business to survive and move forward

This has to be good in the current market place.  If there is any lesson to learn from history it has to be to act decisively, quickly and to work alongside experienced experts in the field.

Neil Chesterton nominated as Turnaround Practitioner of the Year

Neil has been nominated in the above category for the prestigious Insolvency and Rescue Award 2009.

Neil has been active in the turnaround arena for over 12 years and I am sure you will join us in wishing him luck on the night.