TMP Creditor Services

"End To End Service"

Creditor Services has put together a unique package designed to fit into the client’s day to day collections or legal process that is called an “End to End Service”

The offerings provided are:

  • A – Creditor Services. (Insolvent Company or individual – Will we receive a dividend?)
  • B – Turnaround options for your clients debtor.  (Debtor is not paying – Why?)
  • C – Turnaround options for your client. (Has this left your client in financial Difficulty?)

By providing turnaround solutions and creditor support as a package, we believe TMP Creditor Services are leading the way in providing add on services to our existing and potential clients with no cost element involved.  This not only enhances the service that you already provide but can also lead to:

  • Greater returns
  • Help rescue a company or individual from insolvency
  • Provide a clearer picture of the case and thereafter the approach you wish to take
  • Allows you to concentrate on cases that are going to produce recoveries
  • Peace of mind that you, your team and your clients are receiving specialist advice.

As experts in our field of Turnaround we also provide tips, techniques and training on how to spot a potential troubled situation that would benefit from a financial health check.

Working with TMP allows the collectors and legal teams to concentrate on what they do best.

To find out more or arrange a presentation of the services please feel free to contact us 020 3819 8600.